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Hates... [Jun. 20th, 2004|01:40 pm]
Haters of Stupidity


[mood |annoyedannoyed]
[music |Revolution - Jefferson Airplane, I Need You - Lynard Skynard]

Okay. One thing that has been bothering me lately is... well... nothing... That may sound boring. But I hate that I am not deeply bothered by something right now. I like feeling like a young adult of the 1960's... something to live for, something to fight for, a reason for being rather than just being successful in business, or playing with the coolest new things.

Wait, something else bothers me... why is it that the mainstream music of today has absolutely nothing of course there are some bands out there that have things to say, but you have to search for them. Like Elliott Smith, PJ Harvey, Cat Power, and maybe a few (VERY VERY few) punk bands may actually be saying something worthy. SOmething not being voiced because somebody else said it, but embracing a hatred for something just so wrong about society now, and how we could change it. Most of the bands now are just made up of ignorant idiots... can't say a single thing because they really don't know or care whats going on out there. Really, as everything wrong boils down to, it is selfishness. "Take down these walls that oppress us! Ahh, I am so violated by authority! Anarchy! Wahh!" And I say to that... "SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

Wanna know the difference of mainstream music of today and yester-year? The difference is union. Todays music, in it's voiceless drone, and cliched sounds doesn't bring us all together in a union of idea and revolution.

Anyway, before I either bore or lose you (or have I already?) I will stop here, and allow you to think about what I have said, please comment... I wanna hear what your opinions are. No true opinions are worthless (don't think of this as some corny saying like "sharing is caring," please.), and we all need to listen before we can voice.

So long for now.

[User Picture]From: oh__so__vanity
2004-07-02 06:02 pm (UTC)
Flint, you're fucking sick for starting a communtiy like this. You need fucking help.
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[User Picture]From: zorastrus
2004-07-02 06:46 pm (UTC)

Hello, again, child.

Before coming around and flaming me for no reason I must ask a question:

Why is it sick to hate stupidity?

Am I all that sick? Lets see, maybe so... I am retarted in the brain area of perception (I guess sick and stupid), I have to take three medications for various mind-related problems (hmm... sick, I guess...) and I have done things involving a sharp object and a soft place on a limb... (stupid and sick and a wee bit sad? hmm?).

I also find it odd as I am so horrible all around to you and you yourself are perfect. I have never met you, yet you totally and utterly despise me without morale, rhyme or reason. Tell me the truth... why did you go down this path? It has been treaded on so many times, and wishes to be left alone, take the path less travelled and don't be such a heartless and, may I say sick (for it is an illness to follow people, even digitally, and bothering them... I think it may be stalking) bitch. Try it out, risk free, for as long as needed until you feel it suits you. When you find it (obviously) doesn't you can accept you are arrogant without reason, and you will be stuck with you and your loser friends that think themselves so great as well, obviously. Also, you make empty sayings out of the words "love" and "friendship," obviously, for a mutual (or is it one sided, my side?) friend of ours is left out of your "best friends" part of your user area here on livejournal, despite being called your best friend.

Once you have digested what I have said here, find the heavy steel door blocking you from viewing outside of yourself, to other's lives and the rest of the universe going on without a care about you, open it (the door) and reply with something at least mildly intelligent. Admit it, there are smarter people out there, and nicer, and better looking (me not one of them)... whats your decision in your life? Do you want to have a good one? A major step in maturity is exiting that inner-wall, and locking the door behind you, pass it and your life (maybe not visually) will be better and you will feel better.
Much love as human to human,
Flint Logan McColgan
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[User Picture]From: oh__so__vanity
2004-07-02 07:08 pm (UTC)

Re: Hello, again, child.

Wow... It amazes me that you would put so much time into trying and making me feel stupid. Too bad it didn't work. You really need to get some friends. and I said this communtiy was sick because of your interests. Bloodletting? Hatred? That's just sick.
You do not know me well enough to say i use the phrases 'friendship' and 'love' too loosely, I think that I should know that I only use them when I mean it. I really don't like you. At all.
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